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The novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by ________ was thought to be untruthful by southerners.

Ida Tarbell

Clara Barton

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Beecher Stowe
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The economy of Georgia was based on the success of


industrial centers.

trade centers.

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Which of the following did the railroad do?

transport goods

provide personal transportation

increase communication

all of the above
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Under fugitive slave laws

all citizens had to assist in the recovery of escaped enslaved people.

enslaved people were denied a jury trial.

escaped enslaved people were sent back to Africa.

both a and b
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What would occur if there were more free states?

The Electoral College would favor one side.

Slavery would have to end.

The Republicans would never win public office.

The South would not be represented in Congress.
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Who was the senator from Kentucky who introduced the Missouri Compromise?

Henry Clay

Milliard Fillmore

John C. Breckenridge

James Brady
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Who was nominated by the Whigs for President?

Lewis Cass

Zachary Taylor

Andrew Johnson

none of the above
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It can be inferred that a third political party will

win an election.

take votes away from one of the major parties.

not be taken seriously by voters.

lose an election.
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What led to the emergence of the Free Soil Party in 1848?

animosity felt by members of the Democratic and Whig Parties

a belief in nativism

a strong belief in pro-slavery issues

plantation politics
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Pro-slavery groups would sneak into Kansas to vote because

the Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed the people to decide if the state would be a slave state.

they wanted to vote as Whigs.

they wanted to vote as Free Soilers.

none of the above
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Who was President in 1857?

James Buchanan

Teddy Roosevelt

John C. Breckinridge

Andrew Jackson
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The writers of the Lecompton Constitution wanted

equal rights for all.

to gain statehood.

to have women’s suffrage.

to give slaves the right to read.
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Who was the first Democratic nominee for President in 1860 that was nominated by the delegates who broke away from the Union?

Abraham Lincoln

Stephen Douglas

John C. Breckinridge

John Brown
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What occurred since the Democratic Party could not nominate a Presidential candidate?

Eight southern states seceded from the Union.

There was no Democratic nominee for the 1860 election.

Only one candidate ran for President.

none of the above
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All of these states seceded from the union EXCEPT:



North Carolina

South Carolina


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